What is Hydrotherapy?

You may have heard all the recent buzz about Hydrotherapy, which is now also known as Aquatic Physiotherapy. What you may not know though is that it is one of the world’s oldest forms of healing.  Today’s hydrotherapy approach uses modern physiotherapy techniques combined with physics and exercise physiology to provide a safe, scientifically based treatment for conditions such as; lower back pain, back neck pain, arthritis and stroke and rehabilitation following orthopaedic surgery. Hydrotherapy is great for the treatment of sports injuries and is equally as effective in the elderly to promote movement, balance and fitness.

But how does Hydrotherapy work?

Through a simple process, the pool water heats to a warm 35° which stimulates blood flow, soothes aching joints and relaxes tight muscle groups. Exercising in water is effective because the buoyancy of the water supports the body’s weight, thus allowing exercise to be carried out with minimal pressure on the joints.  The water virtually eliminates impact allowing users to perform some exercises that they cannot perform on land, whilst providing resistance to strengthen muscles.

Our experienced team of physiotherapists will devise a tailor made program to suit your changing needs and supervise your progression. To make a booking or contact us click HERE.


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