The Truth About Lower Back Pain

When it comes to core stability, researchers have discovered the real truth about lower back pain. This frustrating and often debilitating pain, is caused by poor muscle control in and around the spine.  This can lead to movement between vertebrae (causing instability) and result in lower back pain.

Physiotherapist can determine whether lower back pain sufferers have poor muscle control in the important stabilising muscles around the spine.

Physiotherapists have now developed exercises which are exercise specific to target the muscles that stabilise the spine and help relieve lower back pain.  After patients have completed a few sessions of these specific exercises, the physiotherapist can re-test the control of the muscles in and around the spine to ensure improvements have been made.  Improved function and reduced pain are signs that the treatment is and will be effective for lower back pain.

Once a patient has learnt how to activate these stabilising (core stability) muscles during simple exercise the physiotherapist has demonstrated, the patient can then use these techniques during more complex activity, such as work and sport which can help keep improving the stabilising back muscles and reduce lower back pain.

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