Newsflash: Bad Hair Cuts Linked to Neck Pain

Newsflash! Bad Hair Cuts Linked to Neck Pain – seriously?! Well, according to a recent study, a trip to your hairdresser can ruin your day by placing abnormal strain on your neck. Abnormal strain on your neck can lead to problems such as neck pain, headaches, dizziness and even stroke.

Having your neck extended for long periods, without adequate support, such as when someone is shampooing your hair, can be enough to set off a  neck problem. These problems can be avoided if care is taken. Below I have listed four ways you can avoid abnormal strain on your neck when you  visit the hairdresser:

1. If you have had neck problems in the past, let your hairdresser know that you can’t have your neck extended backwards for too long;

2. Use a rolled up towel to support the curve of your neck;

3. Before you visit your hairdresser, warm up your neck and do some neck stretching exercises to free up your joints and muscles so they can accommodate more strain;

4. Have your neck assessed and treated by a physiotherapist so that mobility and normal function can be restored.

Remember, a neck problem can cause a variety of symptoms such as pain, headache, dizziness, nausea and tiredness. As you grow older your neck  stiffens up and is more susceptible to stresses and strains. If you have had a previous neck injury, such as a whiplash strain, you may be more  likely to experience neck problems as you grow older.

In in doubt, speak to your physiotherapist. To find out more visit us at Joslin Physiotherapy and Nutrition or call today on (03) 9912 2000.



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