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Yesterday I was driving and saw a sign out the front of a shop in big, bold letters saying ‘Manipulative Physiotherapist’. The sign made me laugh and of course ponder that probably the only time you would want a manipulative person in your life is when you go and see your physiotherapist. I have been working in physiotherapy Footscray for years. Having recently moved to Joslin Physiotherapy and Nutrition in West Footscray, it is nice to maintain a similar customer base and also get referrals…. even if I am manipulative – lol.

The funny thing about physiotherapy is that you don’t really want your clients to keep coming back as that is evidence that you are not doing your job properly – no matter how much you manipulate the situation (sorry, I couldn’t resist). However, injuries and pain management can take a while to conquer and for your body to get back to its normal function, so once you find a physiotherapist it is advisable to stick to the full course of treatment recommended. Also, regular maintenance and check up’s are important in physiotherapy, just as it is vital to go see your doctor for blood tests etc.

This week, I am reposting a couple of really nice testimonials that I shared with you a few months ago. If you are thinking of referring others to physiotherapy Footscray, then find out what others have to say about it…

“I have never posted a review before and don’t believe or trust florid gushing reviews. Nathan listened, comprehended, accurately located and treated my condition and relieved my pain. I highly recommend him. 4 stars (5 is a cure) }”

Rgds, Col

“Nathan has been treating me before and after shoulder surgery. He answers any questions or concerns in a down to earth manner. He is very professional, easy to talk to, friendly and you can have a laugh with him”

Barb P, West Footscray

For a positive manipulative experience, see your Physiotherapist Footscray today

For a trusted and reliable physiotherapist, visit Joslin Physiotherapy and Nutrition. Located Barkly Street, West Footscray, you can phone now to book your next appointment on (03) 9912 2000 and ask for me, Nathan.

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