Do You Need to See Your Physio?

As a local physiotherapist in Footscray, I often meet people who are unsure whether they actually need to see their physio. The simple answer to this is, if you have a chronic or recurrent problem, such as back pain, neck pain, headaches or arthritis then a regular “tune up” may help you enjoy your life more.  Most of these problems mentioned respond very well to a course of physiotherapy. In conjunction, seeing your physio will usually give you self treatment exercises to help you improve your problem and maintain this improvement.

Unfortunately, spinal problems and arthritic pain can recur and can make your life miserable. If this is the case with you, or your loved one, then regular maintenance treatment with your physio should be considered.

What does this involve? You will need to see your physio for a few sessions from time to time. This will keep your joints mobile, to release tight muscles and to update your self treatment exercises, so that they are giving you maximum benefit. A regular session, for example, every 4 – 8 weeks can help you feeling good and stop you continually having acute episodes of pain. It is also more cost effective than having extensive treatment to overcome an acute episode of pain

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