5 Common Questions I Get Asked as a Physio

As a physio I get asked many questions on a daily basis that range from all types of pain and injury management. In this blog, I am going to answer five common questions I get asked as a physio. If you have a question you want answered, feel free to leave one in the comments section below and I will do my best to respond as soon as I can.

Q. I suffer from back pain. What should I do?

A. This one is an easy question to answer. Quite simply, you need to have your back problem assessed by a physio ASAP. Treatments such as manual therapy (to free up stiff and painful spine joints), mobilizing exercises and exercises aimed at strengthening your core muscles can help a lot of back problems. Medications such as pain killers, and anti-inflammatory can be useful but don’t actually fix the problem. It is important not to rely on these passive measures, rather take control by consulting your physiotherapist.

Q.Why should I see a physio? What can they do for me?

A. Physiotherapists are university trained health professionals. They use a range of treatment modalities to help you overcome pain and injury. This may include joint manipulation, exercise, postural advice, electrical therapy, dry needling, taping, splints and braces, to name just a few. A good physio will involve you in the process, so you can attain a better, quicker outcome for your problem.

Q. I tore a muscle in my leg. My doctor didn’t really say what I should do. Should I see a physio?

A. Physio will usually help you get back to your normal activity as soon as possible. Torn muscles need to be properly rehabilitated to avoid slow recovery and repeated tears. The body heals itself by laying down scar tissue and very often scar tissue can form badly, leading to ongoing problems and further injury. Massage, stretching and strengthening can all help avoid this. A gradual return to activity can also help avoid re-tears. Physios’ are experts in treating soft tissue injuries like muscle strains, so contact your physio straight away.

Q. I suffer from headaches. Can treatment to my neck help?

A. Many headaches are due to problems in the upper neck. Physio can help restore pain free function in your neck and show you exercises and other ways of looking after your neck in the future.

Q. I sit at a desk all day and consequently my neck gets all stiff and sore. Will exercises help?

A. Neck strengthening exercises can definitely help you overcome chronic or recurrent neck pain. These exercises need to be tailored to your specific needs. Seeing a physio to set you up with a program is definitely worth considering. Hands-on treatments, such as joint mobilisation and even manipulation can also help.

As you can see physiotherapy can tend to help all of these problems. Your local physio will typically use hands-on type treatment, but you will often need to do exercises to stretch and strengthen your local muscles and soft tissue.

If you or anyone you know is experiencing these kinds of problems or would like some advice, then visit a trusted and reliable physio at Joslin Physiotherapy and Nutrition or call today to book your appointment on (03) 9912 2000.

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